My name is Paul and I've been a Certified Amateur Radio operator since 2016, I've been involved in Radio communications, Electronics and Information Technology since I was a kid, I just never got around to becoming an Amateur Radio Operator, I've been a Shortwave Radio listener for a long time, I am now a Qualified Advanced Operator.

I'm located in Oliver, BC and am a member of the Oliver Amateur Radio Club, as well as the RAC and ARRL. I usually hangout on HF bands mainly 40m (7.0 - 7.3 mhz) and sometimes on other HF bands such as 20m and 15m.

Below are the pages of my interview in the September 2017 Surrey Amateur Radio Communications (SARC) Communicator Newsletter at the time I was a member, of SARC, Since moving to the Okanagan, and to conserve expenses, I never renewed my membership as I'm not in Surrey, often or during their events..

Yes as of November 2021 I still have the same setup in my Truck along with my wife and dog Echo.

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More info on the Surrey Amateur Radio Communications (club) can be found on their website : http://www.ve7sar.net on their page is a link to their current world famous Communicator Newsletter which is now more like a magazine.