Welcome to the website of VE7DOG. this website can be also be reached @

I have some old radio's and equipment up for sale, so check on the For Sale page.

I am still working on this website as of Feb 2021, I'll update it more when I get time.


My Shack

I'm not going to go on about all of my gear, as I like to keep this simple and private, My Basic HF Radio for my Shack is a Yaesu FTdx3000 with a MD-100 Microphone which is connected to a Palstar LA-1K LDMOS Amplifier that is connected to a Cushcraft A3 with 743 40M Add On Kit mounted to a 10 meter high tower and Hy-Gain Ham IV rotator.

I also have a Yaesu FT-100DM VHF Digital Radio at the moment that is connected to a TRAM 1480 vertical antenna, that is mounted aprox 12' above ground.

I also have a mobile setup in my truck with HF, VHF & UHF Capability.

With the FT-100DM I also have an HRI-200 for WIRES-X , but currently having issues getting it to work with my Windows 10 PC.

About My QSL Card

My Card was designed by Jeff Murray K1NSS (

I am located in Oliver, BC Canada "Canada's Wine Capital" So something to reflect that and I have my sidekick K9 next too me. 

Her name is the phonetic pronunciation of this Morse Code Letter ( ⯀ ). Yes VE7DOG is my actual Call Sign.


For Sale Old Radio Equipment

Earlier this year, I was contacted by the widow of Rod Leach, (VE7CRU) to assist in selling his old radio gear, from what she said when they moved from Cranbrook, B.C. , Rod never setup his radio so the Radio's , Amps, Tuners and other items, was just stored in boxes (most of the Radio's and amps in original boxes) in a spare bedroom closet. Now I have all of his equipment and I'm selling it here on my website. 


Yaesu FT-901DM HF Transceiver - Working Condition in Original Box with Service Manual, Power Cord and Microphone ~Transceiver face needs some cleaning.

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Yaesu FL-2100B - HF Amplifier 1200Watt PEP  in Original Box (240v input). This Unit has had the Plate knob replaced, has 2 matching Cetron 572B Transmitting Tubes.

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Yaesu FT-221R - Base Station VHF transceiver in Original Box. 144-148 MHz, Power Output  AM 2.5W - FM/CW 14W - SSB 12W PEP.           e-mail me for details.

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I am currently a Radio Amateurs of Canada Bronze Maple Leaf Operator. My Call Sign listed at RAC is my Original: VA7PIO

Bronze Maple Leaf RAC Canada Operator

I am also a member of the ARRL in the USA, I am planning on getting getting a USA Ham license up to Extra in the future.


ARRL Member

ARRL Member - VE7DOG

I am currently serving as the Vice-President of the Oliver Amateur Radio Club, which serves local areas Kaleden, OK Falls & Osoyoos B.C. also including some USA members in Oroville & Omak,, WA.

Oliver Amateur Radio OARC Club - Vice President